Newbie screenplay writers looking for feedback

Are you looking for a writing partner? Do you want a partner in the same town, or is half way around the world fine too? Do you have a script that you would like critiqued? Give us the pitch and tell us how to get in touch with you.

Newbie screenplay writers looking for feedback

Postby irishgal1971 » Feb 21, 2012 3:11 pm

My friend Karen and I are currently working on our first screenplay. It's called "Capitol Punishment" and based on the book by Karen Richmond. The story is a political thriller we think would have a wide appeal. Here is a description of the story that is shown on Amazon($5.00-Kindle/$9.84-Book):

"A sometimes funny, sometimes frightening and frequently "too close to home" look at how far people will go to clean the Congressional House. And the Senate. Geneticist Samantha Mallard has lived her life in a lab, separated from the world, sequestered in her shell and afraid of what would happen if she ever stuck her head out. Then an attempt is made on her life and she does the only thing she can do - she packs up her laptop, her suitcase and her three-legged cat and she runs. Praying for help, but fearing it will not come, she contacts the only man she has ever loved, tabloid journalist Daniel Callahan. While working to discover why Samantha, a timid scientist was targeted for murder, their investigation leads to something far more shocking; an imminent and potentially cataclysmic revolution. The revolution is being waged by a subversive group of outraged citizens determined to punish our lawmakers with lethal force. They have issued a death sentence on corrupt, power-hungry politicians and there will be no stay of execution. Though unable to find assistance from any quarter, overwhelmed by the magnitude of their task and positive of their inadequacy to achieve it, Samantha and Daniel refuse to give up. Drawing upon strength they didn't know they possessed, they persevere down a path that will teach them about life, love, each other, and most importantly themselves. Can these ordinary citizens save Congress from the wrath of the people? Should they even try?"

If you're interested in reading the current draft of our screenplay and answer a few questions, you can email me at or post a response to this thread with your email address.

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