Some Original Scripts and Outlines

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Some Original Scripts and Outlines

Postby Thomas » Apr 01, 2010 6:45 pm

Granted it isn't my best work, but in my defense, I wasn't paid for doing this like I have been for other things. This was writing just for the sake of writing. Not to pay the rent.

Outlines were written with Storyview 2.0 and scripts were written with (ACK!) Final Draft 8.1. Please understand I didn't have Screenwriter at the time. I am using that now and a different script format.

Below are some comic book scripts. One is Hawkgirl and the other two (two versions of the same story) are the Phantom Stranger, for those who may remember him.

One of the outlines is Isis, as appeared on Saturday morning TV back in 70's (Hey, I wanted Rick and Andrea to get together. So sue me. Besides, look at what happens! ACK!) The other outlines, again, two versions of the same story, are from the old Super Friends show. I wanted to kill Wonderdog, but Bob Rozakis wouldn't let me. :( The five original Super Friends make an appearance, plus both sets of juniors. ... p?album=74

Also here are some incomplete comic scripts. One is an early and incomplete version of the since completed Hawkgirl, and the other is an incomplete Wonder Woman story, which I am still working on. ... pn&cat=-73

Finally, here is yet a third (and incomplete version) of the Super Friends outline. ... p?album=47

This is a very early draft, back when i had wanted to get everyone who was ever a Super Friend or Super Powers Team member in the story. I couldn't make it work because too many heroes cluttered the story. But I think there is an appearance by Green Arrow and maybe a few others that didn't make the final cut.

I would say the Wonder Woman script is probably the best of all of them.
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