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Any offers to help author an Episodic Series?

Posted: Apr 18, 2009 8:50 am
by thirteen75
I have been (nearly) obsessing over a story idea with (I feel) great potential for an episodic series. I want to use one GAS-storform to cover the entire series as a whole, as well as a nested storyform to examine smaller parts (multi-epsode story-archs) even more deeply.

Say I look at the Grand-Stroyform as Larger Group Entity characters (a Corporate Mega-conglomerate as a MC Throughline).

I print out the PSR, ond delve even deeper. Creating a storyform for each ARC, the Grand MC (Corporate) Concern becomes a Multi-episode Arc Objective(Overall) Concern, as well as the entire cast of characters, and I can create a CEO, a Board Chairman, etc to deal with smaller (but equally important) personal problems within the greater context.

I know this will mean (A lot! i.e. 49) storyforms ( 4 Acts in Grand Storyform x 4 Scenes per Act x 3 veiws (MC, IC, Relatinship) ) and a lot of work to flesh each form out. I might even need a co-auth to help.

But a greater benefit, as I can see, I'll be exploring MANY Daramtica Genres within the one Grand work, Right?

As far as my Request, I have already used Storyview to look at the story idea and it helped me immensely (MUCH GRATITUDE Chris + Mel!), as it pointed out some GAPING holes in my idea. I'd like to request any help via Email and Inst Messenger that my superior colleagues are willing to offer.