Step by step screen play writing

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Step by step screen play writing

Postby Tyrone » Nov 22, 2012 11:05 pm

Hello guys!

i have been interested in Screenplay writing for a long time now, and what i have found is that
there is a easy way to make a script and a hard way to make a script, it is only with the correct tools and Technics
that one can move from a stand still point to very successful very quickly!!! :D

here are are some things that i feel that i should share with you in order to help you along in script writing you need?
The Write Tools
Correct Formatting
Bad Films can Be Good
Write What You Know
Reading Other Scripts
Story Characters
An Over Excess of Boring Words
The First Draft

after this has been accomplished one can be a greater scriptwriter able to created a great scripts that rival those of Hollywood and
other novelists.

if you decided to go into the construction industry, you wouldn't start building a house with out the write equipment. you'd need some
tools and some pretty heavy machinery to get the job done.

the same goes for writing a screenplay. you need some tools, There are software programs out there that will take away all the stress of
correctly formatting a script. Use them. :idea: :?:


Re: Step by step screen play writing

Postby adam13c » Feb 15, 2013 4:19 pm

If you're interested in screenwriting then the first thing you have to come terms with is that film history is littered with good manuscripts that never got made. The director fell out with the producer. The star got pneumonia. The distribution company got cold feet.

It's possible to make quite a tidy sum out of writing screenplays that will be never be seen by a single paying punter. Somewhat demoralising, you may think, but before you worry about all that, you have to write the manuscript in the first place.

Here are tips that i found to be successful in my screenwriting career:

Starting points - immediate advice for aspiring screenwriters

Remember that a good screenplay is a story and stories are critically important - they offer people equipment for living. Write about what is familiar to you and what you are passionate about.

"It's the storyteller - be it for the stage, page or screen, who civilises us. The art of writing makes meaning out of life. So screenwriting is not to be taken light-heartedly. It's a serious business."
Robert McKee

The first step - writing a treatment

A treatment can mean different things - it can refer to an outline of the plot, or to a detailed plan that you use to help you write the screenplay.

"A true treatment is something that you would never show anyone! It's an elaborate plan which describes scene by scene what the characters say and do, and what they're thinking and feeling. It should be about 80-100 pages long. It's a tool that the writer uses to build toward the screenplay."

Right there are my tips, but if you still interested and want to learn more.....

click here~:

for free extra information and gift [/color]

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