Call for Entries

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Call for Entries

Postby Alexis6BE » Apr 12, 2010 2:44 pm

Sixth Borough Entertainment has just announced a treatment writing competition. Having trouble fleshing out that great idea that you have for a script? Try submitting your treatment into the competition for a chance to win $1,000 and a phone conversation with writer and literary agent Michele Wallerstein!


Re: Call for Entries

Postby albertioti » Oct 18, 2010 2:42 am

Better off going straight to the Nicholl Fellowship.


Re: Call for Entries

Postby josephwf13 » Oct 20, 2010 1:40 pm

If anyone is interested in FEEDBACK on their work, SCREENPLAY SOFTWARE, and PITCHING. Check out:

It’s a new Online Screenplay Festival hosted by Philadelphia. Writers submit their work for only $20. Screenplays are uploaded Online for producers, agents, industry execs, and anyone to leave feedback and review, and they can even contact the writer if they’re interested in the screenplay. Highest rated scripts win awards valuing over $1000 to improve and expose your screenplay.

Even if your not submitting, it’s fun to read other writers work and the best reviewer receives a $40 award. SCRIPPED is an online software for screenwriters, similar to FINAL DRAFT – Screenplay Fest donates this as an award as well as a ticket to the biggest face-to-face pitching event in LA – GREAT AMERICAN PITCHFEST – as well as 3 different types of Analysis Packages. Come check it out…


"I have HUGE gratitude for what Screenplay Fest did for me. It has been a great door opener." --Dave Kraft, "Full-Contact"

"I managed to get 5 producers to read my script! I'm very happy with Screenplay Fest's results, and I want to thank you for helping to make them happen! I'll be sure to spread the word about Philadelphia's Screenplay Fest!" --Jaqueline Stahl, "Near Death Tango"

"Screenplay Fest provided exposure to a fostering community of fellow writers and film fans that added fuel to my creative tank." --David Ebeltoft, "You Were Once Called Queen City"

"Congratulations to Screenplay Fest on successfully organizing a unique competition!" --Don Adams, "Kingbird"

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