Any way to automatically page break on scene heading?

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Any way to automatically page break on scene heading?

Postby mkelley » Nov 18, 2009 12:21 pm

One of the things I really like about Final Draft is you can completely control page breaks, something which appears to be missing from Screenwriter. In FD it's part of the elements, so I can effectively break on just about anything.

What I really need to do is break on Scene Headings, but I don't see any automatic way of doing this in Screenwriter and putting manual page breaks in is a PITA. Anyone have any workarounds for this (all I have are scene headings, so breaking on acts won't work -- I need to break on scene headings because we read the script for animation purposes and each scene heading is a separate entity).

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Re: Any way to automatically page break on scene heading?

Postby eleven29 » Mar 10, 2010 7:04 am

No workaround that I know of, sorry. I put this feature on the wish list long ago for MMS4, then for Screenwriter 6, and asked for it again during the beta process but it still hasn't been implemented. I know it's not a high priority item for anyone writing for the US market but (sadly) this page-break-on-scene-heading is something quite common and requested in Germany (don't ask why, you won't like the answer).

I just go ahead and add them manually, it's almost an automated process by now to just hit CTRL+RETURN (SHIFT-RETURN in MMS4) before beginning a new scene.
And if I have to add the page breaks to an entire draft, CTRL+ALT+(up or down arrow) quickly lets me jump from scene heading to scene heading to add the page breaks there. It's far from comfortable but for me it still beats using Final Draft.

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