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Problems with MMSW 6 and Windows 10

Posted: Oct 18, 2015 4:39 pm
by Dale
Have any of you using MMSW 6 updated to Windows 10 and are any of you having any problems with compatibility with Windows 10. A friend of mine has had nothing but problems since he installed Windows 10. He has had problems with finding his script. Saving his script, opening his script. Just recently his problems seemed to be solved and he was on a writing streak, going really well, almost finished his feature, then the other day Windows 10 did another update and bang. New problems. Now MMSW windows suddenly pop open for no reason and they have nothing to do with what he is doing. He will be typing away and suddenly what he is typing in jumps to another location in the script. He is having to concentrate one what the damn computer and the program is doing , or not doing, instead of concentrating on his writing and the story. He has been to The Geek Squad at Best Buy and he has contacted Write Brothers and they have both been of some help but then the gremlins return. I have told him to go directly towhat seems to be the source of the problem - Microsoft and go to the Microsoft Store. If MMSW is going to be incompatible, for now, with Windows 10 they should revert him back to Windows 8 despite the dealine having been passed for that. I didn't know there was a deadline for converting back. That is a gype to my way of thinking.

So, are any of you having any problems with Windows 10 and MMSW 6? Please chime in.

As long as things like this are happening I will not be upgrading to Windows 10. No thank you very much.

Dale Gillespie helping a friend.

Re: Problems with MMSW 6 and Windows 10

Posted: Oct 19, 2015 1:58 pm
by KenTech

We haven't seen anything like what you're describing with Screenwriter 6 on Windows 10 from our tests or reports from the field. I believe I responded to an email of yours earlier with steps to delete the settings file in case is has become corrupted. I don't think I have received a reply to that yet. If you can reply to that with any more information, that would be great.


Re: Problems with MMSW 6 and Windows 10

Posted: Oct 24, 2015 5:12 am
by Dale
I am starting to wonder now if something may have found it's way in each time that Windows 10 does an update. It's almost acting like some sort of virus at work or a Worm or Trojan. He did tell me that someone said there was something there but he didn't elaborate. It is so easy for things to get in no matter your anti-virus set up. I remember a friend told me when she did a download from Microsoft for Service Pack 2 I think, for XP that something came in from the Microsoft site and messed her computer all up. You read right, from Microsoft itself. She had to have the computer cleaned out and everything reinstalled.

I don't know what anti virus my friend is using. I use Bitdefender Internet Security. It is the best I have ever used. I have to renew it in Jan I think it is. Just gotta find the money for it.

So it may be that something has gotten in. It just seems that the things that are happening sound very strange indeed. I have never had a drop down menu come down unbidden. I have had the program crash from time to time and tell there is an error and it has to close. That's it for me. I am still, however, leary about installing Windows 10. I will wait a little longer.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

I love MMSW 6. I started with Cinergy Script Editor, tried a trial version of Final Draft and did not like it and I love Screenwriter. The Oscar for it all those years ago was richly deserved.

When will there be an update.? It has been a long time since 6 came out and there must be some improvements you are working on.

Dale Gillespie