Movie Magic won't open.

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Movie Magic won't open.

Postby Kidamnesiac42 » Jun 25, 2013 6:39 pm

Hey everyone,

I purchased MMS after using a friends copy while we were co-writing a script together. When I used his copy the software worked flawlessly. After I installed my copy, I attempted to import a script from Celtx in. The next time I opened MMS, it wouldn't open. The shortcut would appear in the small program tray at the bottom of my screen (I am using a Toshiba 750gb laptop, with windows 7), but it never opens. Please someone help me. I have uninstalled the program three times and still nothing. I have checked my firewall and everything, still nothing. Please help.

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Re: Movie Magic won't open.

Postby stephenbuck415 » Jun 26, 2013 7:54 am

I've overheated and consequentially burned-out a few computers, so have had to install MMS a few times and have encountered the problem you describe.

Here's what I will initially recommend:
1) Perform a complete uninstall of MMS.
2) Delete all files within your TEMP directories (there are usually more than one on the machines I have used).
3) If shortcuts are present on the desktop or in the task bar, delete them.
4) Empty the Recycle Bin.
5) Restart.
6) Download the most current version of MMS from
7) Install it.
8) Restart.
9) Open MMS, and activate it.

That process has resulted in a desktop shortcut that has opened the program for me.

When I add a shortcut to the taskbar, I right-click to copy it directly from the original program file
C:\Program Files (x86)\Write Brothers, Inc\Movie Magic Screenwriter 6\scwriter32.exe
(your path to the installation directory may be different from mine)

A shorter method that may or may not work may be to modify the link to the program file from within the shortcut icon:

1) Locate the direct path to the program on your hard drive. Mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Write Brothers, Inc\Movie Magic Screenwriter 6\scwriter32.exe, yours may be different.
2) Copy the complete path to the program, including the program name.
3) Right click on the shortcut not opening the program.
4) Select the shortcut tab.
5) Paste the copied path inside the quotations within the TARGET field.
6) Select OK.
7) Test it.

Those are the best suggestions I can offer at this time.

Good luck.
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