Duplex printing with Gutter/Binding issues

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Duplex printing with Gutter/Binding issues

Postby Rumourd » Aug 06, 2012 11:08 pm

Hello all,

I'm having a problem printing the script. Here's the issue:

--I first "print" to PDF. (I never save as .RTF and print from MS Word, too many anomalies.)

--I open the PDF file. Margins are all intact -- 1.5" left margin; 1" right margin. This leaves industry-standard binding space on left side of page.

--My printer is a duplex printer (prints both sides on its own, automatically; no re-feeding of pages necessary). I want to print the script (now a PDF document) on both sides of the paper, with the odd and even pages swapping the 1.5" binding margin (sometimes called the Gutter in publishing terms, sometimes Mirror Margins in MS Word). However, while the odd pages print with the (built-in) 1.5" margin, I cannot find a way to force the even pages (printing on the other side of the odd page) to print with the extra 0.5 gutter margin, to scoot it away from the binding brads. Meaning, I WANT the even pages to have a 1" left margin, and a 1.5" right margin, to take into account the binding gutter in 2-sided printing.

Does anyone know how to achieve this? My printer and all its so-called advanced settings can't do it easily either. Basically I just want it to move the even-numbered pages over .5", that's all.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- because people often offer solutions that are outside the parameters of the problem:

(1) I don't want to use MS Word (it mucks up formatting). I'm only looking for advice on how to achieve this printing from either MMS or from a PDF program (I use Nitro Reader 2.x and Adobe Reader).
(2) I am not looking for a solution that involves flipping/refeeding pages. I bought a duplex printer for a reason.
(3) I want to print this FULL PAGE, not booklet-2pages-per-side style.
(4) I'm aware that MMS has a BINDING ADJUSTMENT in Document Layout; unfortunately it does not take double-sided duplex printing into account and just scoots the left margin of ALL pages to the right.

Thanks! Sorry, but this seems like such an easy feature, yet I'm finding MMS, PDF, and Printers don't accommodate printing odd/even pages differently -- with duplex printing -- at all.

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