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Dual Column (Simultaneous) Dialogue

Posted: Jun 11, 2012 9:34 am
by Fortean
Since 2007, when I lasted posted anything on the old forum, I have upgraded to MMSW6.

As this is a new forum, and MMSW6 has different menus, I am posting part of an old message and some new info for reference.

"After a bit of experimentation, I have selected the following settings for dual-column (simultaneous) dialog, over the default settings in MSW2000. These settings provide even columns of dialog and sufficient white space between the columns, (to avoid reading across from the left column into the right column).

"To select my preferences, (as indicated on page 65 of the "User Guide for Windows" and on page 44 of the "User Guide for Macintosh"):

"Under the FORMAT menu, select CHANGE ELEMENT TYPE then SET COLUMN MARGINS, as follows...."

Setting the same margins in MMSW6, under the FORMAT menu, select DUAL COLUMNS then SET COLUMN MARGINS, as follows:

Left Column
Character Name 24 43
Dialog 15 43
Parenthetical 21 43
Other 15 43

Right Column
Character Name 56 10
Dialog 47 10
Parenthetical 53 10
Other 47 10

Re: Dual Column (Simultaneous) Dialogue

Posted: Jun 15, 2012 10:30 am
by Chris Huntley