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Will Download File Burn to Disc and Install/Uninstall?

Posted: Sep 27, 2010 7:44 pm
by drutgat
This question was asked a couple of years ago, but there never was a definitive answer as to what worked.

If I upgrade from MMS2000 to MMS 6 by using the download option, will I then be able to burn the downloaded file to DVD, and subsequently install and uninstall to that DVD?


Re: Will Download File Burn to Disc and Install/Uninstall?

Posted: Oct 01, 2010 9:46 am
by Chris Huntley
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 can be burned to as many CDs or DVDs as you wish, and each copy will install properly on as many computers as you want.

The license management system is not connected to the physical disc, or even the downloaded file. MMS6 keeps lets you keep up to three (full version) copies of the software active at one time. If you wish to activate a fourth computer, the license management software will ask you to choose which of the active three you want to deactivate in order to replace it with the new one.

This system works very well and lets you back up and restore your computer without ever having to worry about losing an install.

Re: Will Download File Burn to Disc and Install/Uninstall?

Posted: Oct 01, 2010 4:30 pm
by drutgat
Hi Chris,
Thanks for this.

I had a problem with an install today, which I'm hoping you could make some suggestions about.

I successfully installed MMS 2000 on my work computer (brand new - was set up a few days ago; used Win XP Prof.).

I then realized that I should have not installed from the disc, but should, instead, have gone to's last update of MMS 2000 (4.73.03).

So, I uninstalled the program (strangely, though, MMS2000 was not listed in XP's 'Add/Remove Programs', so I couldn't follow the instructions on to the letter by using 'Add/Remove Programs' to uninstall MMS). Luckily, though, MMS had installed its own 'Program Group' which included an uninstaller, so I used that to remove MMS.

However, when I tried to download the 4.73.03 update, I kept on getting an error message when the download seemed to be about two thirds done. Finally, I gave up, and logged off, and rebooted the computer. At that stage, I got a message saying something to the effect of 'Cannot Load User Profile' and all of my desktop icons were wiped out - I got a virgin desktop, with the basic IE, and other few icons that are automatically installed when setting up Windows XP Professional.

It *seems* that the computer problems had something directly to do with installing MMS, so I'm wondering what your advice would be regarding how to successfully download and install the 4.73.03 update, and how to run this successfully.

OR, given that I want to upgrade to MMS6, would you suggest I hold off on the 4.73.03 upgrade, purchase MMS6, and try to install that?