How To Write A Screen Play

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How To Write A Screen Play

Postby TEAMHOPE » Jul 10, 2013 6:26 am

How To Write A Screenplay

Starting out you need a number of things, such as the write tools, correct formatting, research, story ideas, characters, boring words and more.

The Write Tools

As in build a house, a shed, baking a cake, making a stew, you need the tools, the ingredients to get great results. While a pen and paper are sufficient to write a story, to get it read by Studio Executives, Agents, and Managers, it must be typed and formatted correctly.


While a well typed and correctly formatted scrip will go a long way to getting your script read, correct spelling and the use of good and proper grammar are still essential. Use spell check a lot.


Good in depth research is paramount. It’ s best to write about things you know about, life experiences. Your journey through your life. Your hobbies. You can expand on it, embellish it, fictionalize it.

Read Other Scripts

It’s important you start reading other scrips if you want to write your own. Look at the styles of other writers. Check out the detail. The formatting. How the characters come alive and relate to and build the story.

Draw The Reader In

A really good scrip, in my opinion, draws the reader in. They cannot wait to read the next page. It builds to the final scene. This will build a viral following and explode attendance, when your screenplay is made into a movie or a play.

The Story

In the case of Studio Executives, Agents and Managers, you must hook them in the first ten pages or you will have a problem getting them to read the whole script. So start out with your guns blazing, really giving them a taste of what’s to come. Let them know right off the mood of the character in play. Spell it out and than proceed to deliver.

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