Aesthetic Upgrade to Website and MMS?

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Aesthetic Upgrade to Website and MMS?

Postby drutgat » Oct 01, 2010 4:56 pm

One thing that is immediately apparent to me every time I come to the website, and also when I open MMS itself, is the 'square' look of the graphical presentation.

What I mean by 'square' is a dated look that hearkens back to the early days of Windows when the OS was basically a graphical framework which tried to present a streamlined look and feel to DOS.

The rectangular left side-bar on's homepage, the use of frames, choice and colour of font, and the colours used, all - in combination - give me a kind of dated feel.

There's also a lot going on visually on the homepage, and some of the sub-pages, and a more cohesive, modern visual style might help to reduce a lot of what I feel is a little visual 'noise'.

Even the overview video for MMS6 has this kind of feel.

I am not in any way criticizing MMS itself (see my other posts in the 'Wishlist' section of the forum for my suggestions in that respect), but I do feel that teh website and physical look of the program could do with some updating.

Even Final Draft's website (particularly the text) looks more contemporary, and is not flashy, but is a little more modern than

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